LCD Services

End of Life (EOL) Panel Sales

If you have received an EOL notice from the manufacturer and are in need of that part number, contact AGDisplays. We have a secure list of trusted vendors with whom we maintain current business practices.

NVIS Design & Integration Services

AGDisplays has various solutions to meet your NVIS needs, which all meet MIL-STD-3009 requirements. Our solutions include a dual-mode backlight, allowing superior panel functionality during the day and night.

Bonding Services

We have multiple optical bond solutions available: full optical bond, OCA bond, tape bond, and LOCA bond. We also offer optical bonding reworks due to damage or production errors.

Functionality Testing

AGDisplays offers testing procedures such as Zero faulty, specification validation, quality assurance measures and counterfeit part inspections. Our quality measurements were adopted to provide high-quality products without the high-quality price.

Repair Services

We offer OEMs, CMs, ODMs and large distributors a wide range of LCD/Flat Panel repair services. Services involve strict testing and inspection standards to ensure quality control. AGDisplays offers drop-in replacement, nonfunctional LCD repair, LED/touch screen repair, and much more.

Part 145 Repair Center

AGDisplays is an approved CFR 14 Part 145 Repair Station with a Limited Airframe, Limited Accessory rating. We perform maintenance and repairs to in-flight LCD panels i n accordance with contract requirements.

LED Enhancement Services

Our various LED integrations include direct LED backlighting, edgelit backlighting, and LED replacements, all to improve energy efficiency, dependability, lifespan and ruggedization.

Touch Screen Integration and Solutions

AGDisplays discusses your panel applications to select the touch screen that suits your panel’s needs and environment best. We design and integrate your sensor to ensure compatibility and functionality.

EMI Shielding Services

AGDisplays integrates the appropriate EMI shield coating into your display to assimilate your specifications. EMI shielding protects electronic equipment from cross interference.

Turnkey Solutions

Our turnkey business is responsible for organizing the overall project and selling a complete solution. Our customers find our turnkey service a reliable, convenient and hassle free way of obtaining a made to order panel.

Design Services

Our professionals will work directly with you in order to customize a panel that fits your panel specifications. AGD experts have 30+ years of technical and LCD experience; we employ class 1000+ clean rooms with ESD control procedures and other quality procedures to ensure efficiency.

Film Enhancement Services

Our wide selection of film enhancements include privacy filters, brightness enhancement, anti-glare, anti-reflective, and more. Our enhancements brighten display, increase contrast and readability, all without increasing power consumption.

Manufacturing Services

Our services include, but are not limited to: mechanical and electronic improvements, prototyping services, material procurement, printed circuit board development and higher level assembly, new product introduction, test development, in-circuit and functional testing, and final system box build.

Integration and Assembly Services

Our production team is constantly monitoring production development to be sure our processes are current. Having reliable and up-to-date equipment, processes, and experience needed for each type of integration service reduces fallout, downtime, and overall customer costs.

Warranty Support Services

Our facility stands by our quality of production; however, we believe firmly in meeting and satisfying our customers’ needs after production.

Post & Extended Warranty Services

AGDisplays offers a fast and reliable diagnostic repair service; our AGD-Certified Technicians are qualified to repair most panel models and brands.