Manufacturing Services

Providing a total solution

AGDisplays interacts directly with top of the line manufacturing companies in order to procure quality parts. Our dependable component selections make the LED backlights and controllers offered by AGDisplays some of the most reliable in the industry.

Our services include, but are not limited to, mechanical and electronic improvements; new product introduction and prototyping services; material procurement using our trusted partners, both nationally and world-wide; printed circuit board development and higher level assembly; test development, including electrical-circuit testing, functional and visual testing; and design of LCD product enclosure. The AGDisplays engineering team takes each panel project and individually evaluates it to determine and customize solutions to optimize functionality and performance expectations.

LCD Enhancements

AGDisplays is capable of providing a full range of manufacturing services related to LCDs in small or large quantities. Diverse quality control equipment and testing offers AGD-Certified Technicians the efficiency needed during production to guarantee a quality finished product.

LED Backlight Solutions

AGDisplays is considered a pioneer in high bright LED technology. We carry our own line of High Bright LED rails that we continue to advance as the industry changes. We manufacture LED boards to offer a backlight solution for virtually all standard LCD sizes. AGDisplays also offers custom-sized LED backlight solutions that we design and tailor to custom-fit your exact needs.

LED Controllers

AGDisplays manufactures four lines of LED controllers to accommodate your LED’s advancing technology. Our controllers are designed to seamlessly integrate with your unique panel specifications or virtually any OEM LCD panels. The difference between AGDisplays and our competitors is that our controllers are built to maximize function output with only minimum power input. Our customizable LED controllers are available